Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Big things are happening

 I have been busy trying to put together the last few things for this upcoming school year. One project I have recently completed is the small group seats made from those fabulous $3 target crates. A great co-worker of mine made some and they were so cute I just couldn't resist. They will cost a little bit of money, but I really think my students are going to enjoy them.
These are mine

These are Mrs. Mills' fabulous chairs to go along with her "peace land" theme :)
  for this project you will need:
1. 6-8 crates 
2. material (2 per yard)
3. 6-8 plywood squares  ( Home Depot cuts them to fit the crates , I got 6 for $4.01)
4. foam padding ( Joannes)
5. A staple gun ($8.88 at wal-mart)

I have read on other websites that you can get these crates for free from waffle house. It is worth a shot!

    While I was at Home Depot getting the wood cut I met a lady and her son. After having conversation about various things, which included teaching, my wood was cut and we parted ways. Before parting they asked for my number in order to get in touch with me about some school supplies. A few days later they contacted me and we met up. The two boys , Daniel (16 yrs old) and David (14 yrs old), were SO kind. They decided to gather a ton of supplied to help my students start out the year. I was so overwhelmed at the kindness of these two boys. Along with the supplies they also wrote this kind letter to my students....
and here are all of the  supplies...
I am beyond excited to read this letter to my students and show them all of the helpful supplies that were given by  these kind boys! 


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