Sunday, July 8, 2012

On the horizon...

Only a few more weeks until school starts back!  Summer has flown by. Seems like last week we were packing up and leaving on the last day. In other news, I have been working like a bee trying to get all of my ideas together to make sure that I have a very easy organized first year in second grade. My main focus has been how to manage all of their seat work so that it isn't such a sloppy mess like it has been. Sadly, I really struggle with keeping their desks neat and in order. NO MORE! This year it is up to them! I know several teachers at my school  have seat work folders so I thought I would give it a try this year. Today I bought 20 Plastic Poly folders from Target for about .50 cents a piece. Whoop Whoop! It isn't exactly a steal compared to the .15 cents paper folders but I  thought about these two things:
    •  They will last so much longer. ( No sloppy ripped crunched up folders being crammed into their desks)
    • I could very well use them next year if I explain carefully that it is my property and they better protect them! :: Insert evil laugh:: 
So then began the thought process of how I could make these folders more effective and sufficient (A teacher's two favorite words).  It didn't take me long to decided I wanted it to be something that would help minimize how many times I have to repeat myself everyday..... seriously. So I created a "Checklist" to insert into a clear sheet protector and attach to the 3 prongs. So every time they get ready to turn in their seat work at the end of the week they Must go through the checklist. I tried to add things that were my greatest pet peeves. If you have any suggestions or ideas for me to add please let me know and I will add the :) Click the here to download the checklist!

Finished product...


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  1. I check mine daily so I am not over whelmed with so much to check it winds up in file 13 ( trash can!)