Friday, June 15, 2012


BIG NEWS! I am moving to 2nd grade this year. After teaching 3rd my first two years I am a little nervous but still so excited. Most of my teaching supplies are focused towards 3rd grade but it isn't a huge change thankfully. So I guess this means I will have to change my blog to a different name :) I have also taken my multiplication Sundae Unit and  copied/changed/edited it to make it compatible with 2nd grade Accelerated Reader goals. The idea behind this was to create some form of whole group motivation for my students. I love encouraging my students to participate in AR as much as possible. So basically what I did was create a printable bulletin board that can be printed/laminated and used to track their progress as a class. I usually have those students who want to take tests all day long, even during math time. THEN.... you have the students who just let everyone else take the tests so that their class still wins the school wide "most points" contest. This kit gives goals for the the class as a whole. For example, Once everyone in the class reaches the 2 pt mark then they receive the first part of the sundae, a cone! Once EVERYONE in the class reaches the next goal 5pts... they receive the first colored scoop of ice cream. This allows the students as a class to be responsible for reading independently. My goal is for the higher students to encourage the others to be more active readers.  In order for the whole sundae to be completed the students must work together.

     I have added this kit to my TPT account right here!