Monday, September 10, 2012

Reading and Math in action

 In other news I have been SLAMMED busy keeping up with second graders...... ready for it? SIGH!!!! They are busy bodies for sure but I absolutely love teaching 2nd  grade. I'm still moving things around in my new classroom and trying to figure out what exactly works best. Its a slow progress but I will get there eventually. I have been creating some new reading packets for each weekly story we have. I tried to include some fun writing activities that the students can get excited about . I have recently posted the kits for Henry and Mudge and A Walk in the Desert. Check those out by clicking the links!

  This year our school district has picked up a new math series called GOMATH! Its taking some time to adjust to a new series but so far I really like it. The website access gives you tons of animated resources that demonstrate the skills being taught. All of the manipulatives are digital with LOTS of noise which the teachers...I mean kiddos really like :) Next week we will be beginning chapter 2 which is all about comparing numbers. I have just recently completed a packet that has several activities for Common Core's comparing numbers. The packet also include the chapter vocabulary for that topic.You can find it here!

While working on different ways to write numbers this week I noticed my kids definitely needed some extra practice identifying the word for of numbers. Here is a little freebie practice sheet I  threw together to quiz my kids--->Name That Number Freebie

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