Saturday, April 28, 2012

We Love Donors Choose

       Most of you already know about but for those who don't, I am about to tell you all about it and how you should take the time to sign up your classroom :) Donors Choose is a website that I discovered while searching the internet for free resources for my classroom. With teaching budgets being non-existent, it is very important to take advantage of any and all resources that we  teachers can get our hands on. The website is super simple to sign up for. In the past 6th months I have had 3 projects funded . This site allows you to pick whatever supplies you want , that's right, ANYTHING! I have received supplies for my classroom (0 cost to me) totaling over $1300.00 Cha-Ching! These supplies include math literature books, 3rd grade subject/grade level reading book bundles, and 80  subscriptions to Scholastic Reader. Yes, you read that correctly, 80 subscriptions. I was able to get one for every student in the 3rd grade at my school.

     Several of the teachers at my school have had projects funded for their classroom as well.
Once you visit the site it will take you through all of the steps to sign up and create a project. You will have to write a little bit of information about your students and how the supplies/materials you are requesting will benefit your classroom. Once your finished the project is posted on the website. Donors from all over the world can donate to your project. Once your project has been fully funded the website orders the materials for you and ships them right to your classroom. How awesome is that right? Once you receive your materials have your students write thank you notes for the supplies. Print out your prepaid mailing label and Wa-lah! you are done and it didn't cost you a penny :)

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