Wednesday, April 25, 2012

AR Organization FREEBIE

Accelerated reader is a great way for students to gain fluency, practice reading, and take quizzes on what they have read.  But how do we hold our students responsible for their reading and quiz taking?Going into AR everyday to look up and find their scores is a little time consuming. Each teacher has their own method.  What I found works best in my classroom is an AR Quiz Tracker Notebook.

I took a 1 inch binder like this and added a trendy little cover (see attached to print cover). I printed it out on bright colored paper , inserted it in the cover slip, and set it next to my computer center.

Inside the folder is a page where I have labeled each weeks story. The tracker sheet has a place for you to write the weekly stories ahead of time. It provides an area for each student's name and an individual box for their grade. It is super easy for the kids to fill out and it helps me to see how they are doing. Occasionally I go into AR just to check out the sneaky ones ; )

Download AR Folder Kit here for Free :)